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Coming from the Heart's Center: What is inside of us

Posted on October 30, 2017 at 1:25 PM

Before I began school to become a massage therapist, I hadn't ever heard of the phrase, “from the heart's center.” However, in the years to follow, I not only heard the phrase used many times, but I have grown into an understanding and humble respect for what it means in my practice of the healing arts. In the beginning, it meant, more simply, to be present and focused in the moment with each individual client. Now, it encompasses so much more.

The heart, itself, is an extraordinary organ, being the first of our bodily organs to develop in utero and from which later tissues derive their inherent vibration of being. The heartbeat is the first of all things for us to feel as our tissues form in the womb. We feel this vibratory rhythm from the mother and from our own heart before we are able to sensorially hear the rhythm. In concept and concrete, this rhythm is part of of our being when we are “simple” gametes along for the ride inside of the mother's ovaries. From our very manifestation, energetic or otherwise, we thrive on the heart's guidance.

This rhythm guides the first of our circulatory tissues into motion, connecting the still and separated blood islands that form inside of the newly developing fetus. These islands expand with blood until they form into the tubes that become circulatory vessels (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy p. 80, 81). Then, the heart takes shape, simultaneously manifesting with neural tissues that produce the heart's own pulsations apart from the mother's (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, p.80,81). The “stillness” of these earliest formations is an incredibly important concept to embrace and understand when working with the craniosacral system, but is more broadly the blueprint for healing facilitation using the heart's generative qualities. Not only does this fluid stillness (as I would like to call it) of the heart's rhythm facilitate embryonic development, but it amazingly nourishes beyond the blood system and gives rise to other bodily systems (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, p.80+). In fact, the heart's EMF is the actual guiding rhythm for all bodily development from conception ( The pulsing draws the early fetus to bind with the mother's uterus until the child is born and physically separates.

Indeed, the heart has so many ties to the outset and sustaining of life. Perhaps, you've noticed the quote on my Philosophy page, “what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us,” - Ralph Waldo Emerson. The heart is a true testimony to this statement. In quantum physics, the heart's electromagnetic frequency can be measured at an average of 1.25 Hz. This resonance is actually quite a bit stronger than the field emitted by the human brain. Thus, the heart is a very influential tool.

Quite amazingly, researchers have been able to take images of the heart's ability to generate energy. In Germany, 1997, a study on heart-centered meditations documented that with meditative focus, the heart can actually produce light (The Subtle Body, Cyndi Dale). After all, the heart does have more neural cells than muscle cells ( and is classified as a sensory organ that intelligently decodes the feelings we pick up on in our environment.

It is from this perspective that I approach my practice and as many situations as possible. Tuning into the nurturing of the lower vibratory fields, I look to find the fluid stillness that is in the most primitive part of myself. Studies show that approaching encounters with others with the heart as the guide influences their state of being vibrationally, as well ( In working from the heart's center, I aim to magnetically influence both the environment and the person/s receiving my influence. The heart's center is not only about what is inside of me, but what is also inside of the other.

I highly recommend this short and easy to understand video about this topic:

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