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~ Caring for those who care for others ~
Stephanie Dent, BCTMB

Holistic Wellness Instruction

~ warm hands ~ inviting heart ~

Nationally Certified for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork by the NCBTMB

Licensed by the Virginia Commonwealth Board of Nursing

Bodywork Services:

          30 minutes $45            60 minutes $75             90 minutes $100              120 minutes $130

Read descriptions below to learn more about the modalities that are integrated 
for your personalized massage.
Scroll down to learn about treatment mix-ins.

Each client needs to fill out an intake form with a thorough representation of their health and current issues. Clients are responsible for acknowledging and presenting any limitations to bodywork and massage. 

MyoMelt Massage

Adhering to your natural biorhythms, this massage peels away the body’s tension layer by layer through the networks of fascia. Fascia interconnects *everything* in the body! This massage gets to the root of structural unevenness as we listen, invite, and guide the body into unwinding to create a lasting effect on overall well-being.

**Shorter intervals of time for this massage work well for focusing on specific areas. However, 90-120 minute intervals are recommended for full-body MyoMelt treatments!**

Happy in the Head

Nobody functions well with persisting pain in their head and neck. I offer a very unique treatment that 

provides instant and lasting relief of pain in the head, neck, and shoulders.

**I will even come rescue you from your head pain where you are within an hour distance from Barre, VT for an additional $20.**

Best for Your Back

There is no question that back issues permeate today's society. This massage is performed side-lying with attention to the areas that affect the back tissues the most. Tried and true, this massage has helped many people walk away feeling new and functional, again.

Gentle Spirit

This calming, mostly energetic touch is most powerful when the mind and body have been racing and you finally notice that you're overwhelmed to the point of no return. Angst, rumination, worry, and frustration are eased away with this inviting modality that gently sweeps you into a calm and mindful awareness.

****This modality is especially helpful for treating children with attention and behavioral issues as well as special populations with difficulty expressing themselves verbally.****

Relax and Real-ease

This massage is designed to send your pains sailing away as you drift into your own deep state of release. Blending various modalities, this massage will bring you to a place of renewal and replenishment.

Massage Mix-ins:

Body Brushing

Aromatic Enrichment

Cellulite Combatant

Face Freshener

Foot Facilitator

Couple's Massage

$$Price is based on the combined services chosen by each client.$$

Event/Chair Massage

Chair massage in the workplace is on the rise and for very good reason! ~ Show your employees that you care about their health and wellness!

Chair massage is also a wonderful option for social events and gatherings to help everyone relax among the group.

  • Each hour of chair massage covers either three (3) 15 minute massages 

four (4) 10 minute massages

  • Each massage requires a 5 minute changeover as part of the service pricing.
Event Duration
1 Hour
  3 to 4
2 Hours
 6 to 8
3 Hours
 9 to 12
4 hours
 12 to 16
 5 Hours
 15 to 20
 6 Hours
 18 to 24

Event Massage Mix-ins:

Offer additional benefits to chair massages for each person at the additional fee of $20 per hour!
Aromatic Enrichment and Happy in the Head are currently offered as Event Massage Mix-ins.

Disclaimer: No Medical claims are diagnosed nor implied. Client assumes all responsibility for their exploration of information or materials. Information reflects historical usage and concepts from different world healing traditions, many of which are not recognized or supported by modern Western Medicine.