Coaching Parents on Therapeutic Touch for Children's Holistic Needs

I know that many parents today are much like myself, studying and researching ways to make their children as happy and healthy as possible. And, also like me, many parents have children who sometimes need help to channel their energy appropriately and overcome social challenges. In working with my own children and other's, I have come to understand touch to be a powerful therapeutic tool for children as much as it is for adults. Hence, I have decided to offer consultation and coaching for parents who are seeking holistic means to help their children throughout varying phases of development or for such reasons as: Attention Issues, Social Anxiety, Body Image, Sadness, Frustration, Sleep Problems, Relational Issues, to name a few. 

Each client-family undergoes a brief, yet intensive, consultation (view interview questions here) via phone or email. This consultation is FREE. Beginning our journey, it is best to get on the same page of understanding your needs as a client and how I am able to help you within my scope of practice. During the initial consultation and in an ongoing fashion, we will work together to fit your family's and child's needs. You can expect me to offer insight into various massage modalities, aromatherapy, movement/non-movement exercises. 

I will also work with you and your child to research other holistic venues of interest to you.

Single Hour Visit

4 Hour Visits

 10 Half-Hour Visits

(can be combined)




If I travel to you outside of Barre/Montpelier, I ask that you please reimburse me for additional travel expenses. This can be discussed during the consultation, as needed.

Disclaimer: No Medical claims are diagnosed nor implied. Client assumes all responsibility for their exploration of information or materials. Information reflects historical usage and concepts from different world healing traditions, many of which are not recognized or supported by present-day Western Medicine.